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Get answers to frequently asked questions about Tutors and Students.

Q. How do I know who is available to tutor my child?

  • Simply log on to our easy to use scheduler to select and view a tutor available at your specified time.

Q. What are the tutor’s qualifications?

  • All our Tutors have been hand selected. They are currently educators in numerous yeshivas and schools or on course to attaining their education or related field degree.

Q. Have the tutors undergone background checks?

  • Yes, the tutors have been vetted to ensure the safety and security of your child.

Q. What type of space do we need for tutoring in our home?

  • All you need is a quiet conducive environment for your child. To maximize productivity, your child should be comfortable and free from distractions.

Q. Do I need to prepare anything?

  • Nope, all your child needs is any relevant school work that pertains to the session.

Q. How do I pay my tutor?

  • Your sessions are billed through our online payment processing system. All sessions are billed after the completion of the session.

Q. What happens if I cancel a session?

  • Cancellations before 48 hours are not charged. Cancellations within 48 hours are charged……………..cancellations less than 24 hours are charged…………….

Q. Help, I need a tutor tonight! Is it too late to find someone?

  • You can log on at any time to KinderTutors.com and locate an available tutor for the time you need. It’s never too late!