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Rabbi Yaakov Lasson
  • Education:
  • Location: Southfield, Michigan 48076
  • Gemara / Talmud, Mishna, Chumash / Parsha, Navi
  • Grades Tutoring: -


My name is Yaakov Lasson. I live with my wife and son in Southfield, Michigan where I serve as the Rabbi of a Senior Residence Facility. I attended Yeshiva University for six years, where I recieved Smicha, a Master's degree in Jewish Education and a B.S. in Psychology. 

Previously, I have taught at several Day Schools and Hebrew Schools in the Mid-West and Tri-State areas. I have also given Education classes to inviduals of all ages and backgrounds.

My premier talent in the tutoring arena is my relatibility to the student and the subject matter. I look forward to helping each student's strengths and challenges and assisting in a way that helps them grow in their knowlege and comprehension.

I look forward to working with you!

Tutoring Preference
Tutoring Platforms: Online
Gemara / Talmud $25 per hour
Mishna $25 per hour
Chumash / Parsha $25 per hour
Navi $25 per hour


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