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Marilyn W

Retired University Professor
  • Education:
  • Location: Los Angeles, California 90035
  • English composition and writing skills, SAT, ACT, English, AP English
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I have been in the field of education my whole life. I started as a substitute teacher in some elementary schools in Brooklyn. As a new substitute, I was sent to the schools that nobody wanted. Often I did not find a lesson plan in my classroom, so I prepared a notebook of lessons for every grade in a few subjects, so that I was prepared for anything. Then I moved to Chicago, where I worked as a teacher librarian in an elementary school. I was offered federal fellowships to earn higher degrees, so I left the elementary school and entered the University of Chicago, where I earned a master's degree and a doctorate. I was a professor at the University of Southern California and at California State University, Los Angeles campus, where I also served as the chairman of the Department of Secondary Education. Since I retired, I have been involved with college-age women, who are taking classes about their religious history, classes for young married women and personal growth classes, which I teach on the phone via conference calls. I have been tutoring neighborhood children (mostly young adults), as well as editing the college and graduate papers of the students in my extended family. This is my philosophy. Each day I ask how my Creator would have me be. I try to be valued-added for each person I meet.

Tutoring Preference
Tutoring Platforms: Online
English composition and writing skills $25 per hour
SAT $25 per hour
ACT $25 per hour
English $25 per hour
AP English $25 per hour


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