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Tutor Coach
  • Education:
  • Location: Los Angeles, California 90004
  • Yahadus, Kriah, English, Dinim, Chumash / Parsha, Yahadus, Dinim
  • Grades Tutoring: -

I am a life coach and use the tuoring sessions to help my clients advance in their studies and in any other area that is needed.

I take great pleasure in coaching and empowering my students/clients to be able to learn the material on their own and watching them evolve from being dependant on someone to help them succeed to independant learners.

I also coach other tutors to be able to help their students.

Tutoring Preference
Tutoring Platforms: In person, Online
Yahadus $45 per hour
Kriah $45 per hour
English $45 per hour
Dinim $45 per hour
Chumash / Parsha $45 per hour
Yahadus $45 per hour
Dinim $45 per hour


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