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Educational Mastery
  • Education: High School
  • Location: brooklyn, New York 11213
  • Yiddish, Mishna, English: Grade 1, Hebrew, Chumash / Parsha, Gemara / Talmud, Navi, English, Yahadus, Kriah
  • Grades Tutoring: K-12


My name is Mendel Kugel,
I have spent the last 3 years teaching in schools in Miami, Fl. And Sydney, Au. And, most recently, New York City. I am experienced, and very passionate about teaching.
I am intelligent, hardworking, motivated and committed to success.
learning is NOT easy, which is why its important to make it fun, which is my primary goal.

it is my hope, that through this platform we can make learning a fun, and enjoyable experience.


Rabbi Mendel Kugel

Tutoring Preference
Tutoring Platforms: Online
Yiddish $55 per hour
Mishna $55 per hour
English: Grade 1 $55 per hour
Hebrew $40 per hour
Chumash / Parsha $40 per hour
Gemara / Talmud $45 per hour
Navi $40 per hour
English $40 per hour
Yahadus $40 per hour
Kriah $40 per hour


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