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Rabbi Rosenberg
  • Education: Masters in English
  • Location: San Diego, California 92119
  • English, English composition and writing skills, Social Studies: US History, Social Studies: Global History, AP History, AP English, Social Studies: Government, Chumash / Parsha, Gemara / Talmud, Halachos, Halacha, Russian, Hebrew
  • Grades Tutoring: 9-12

To keep this brief, I'm an experienced teacher, having taught in public and private high schools and college in California. I have a number of techniques to help you master secular and Limudei Kodesh subjects. If you need a tutor, I'm available!

Tutoring Preference
Tutoring Platforms: Online
English $40 per hour
English composition and writing skills $40 per hour
Social Studies: US History $40 per hour
Social Studies: Global History $40 per hour
AP History $40 per hour
AP English $40 per hour
Social Studies: Government $40 per hour
Chumash / Parsha $40 per hour
Gemara / Talmud $40 per hour
Halachos $40 per hour
Halacha $40 per hour
Russian $40 per hour
Hebrew $40 per hour


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