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Ephraim z

Torah Growth Coach/SkillsSpecialist

If you are looking for a very caring,patient and  experienced educator to help your son/daughter develop a love of Torah,great clarity and the skills to learn independently, I would <... View Full Profile

From$100/ hour


Hebrew and math subjects

I live in the Flatbush area and am available to tutor math and all hebrew subjects for grades K - 12.

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Master teacher for B'nai Mitzvah Torah/Haftarah reading, parsha, Hebrew, t'fillah, and English literature/composition

Since he first taught a Hebrew school class in 1994, Dave Smolar has created and developed original drama and game-based material for Jewish education, mostly aimed at students approaching b'nai mitzvah age.  His classroom and junior congregation teaching tools, i... View Full Profile

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Rabbi Moshe Loewy

I have been tutoring Limudei Kodesh subjects for many years with Baruch Hashem much success.

I also give Bar Mitzva and Kriah lessons

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Rabbi/Experienced Tutor and Teacher

I've have plently of experience working with students of various ages and in various settings, including groups, large classrooms and one-on-one. I'm experienced with Judaic studies and secular studies .

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Zelig Goldsman

My name is Zelig Goldsman and I live in Staten Island, NY. I am a Real Estate agent and a Business Consultant. I have a B.S. in Psychology from Touro College and an M.S. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Baruch College. I am a Baal Korei with 15+ years of experi... View Full Profile

From$50/ hour


Sorah Oppen

Hi! Welcome to Kinder Tutors :) 

School can be tricky at times and we may need a little push and support. I am here to help you do your best and achieve success! 

Depending on the age, I offer many different techniques and methods for su... View Full Profile

From$50/ hour


Tutor Coach

I am a life coach and use the tuoring sessions to help my clients advance in their studies and in any other area that is needed.

I take great pleasure in coaching and empowering my students/clients to be able to learn the material on their own and watching them e... View Full Profile

From$45/ hour


Educational Mastery


My name is Mendel Kugel,
I have spent the last 3 years teaching in schools in Miami, Fl. And Sydney, Au. And, most recently, New York City. I am experienced, and very passionate about teaching.
I am intelligent, hardworking, motivated and com... View Full Profile

From$40/ hour


Rabbi Rosenberg

To keep this brief, I'm an experienced teacher, having taught in public and private high schools and college in California. I have a number of techniques to help you master secular and Limudei Kodesh subjects. If you need a tutor, I'm available!

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Rivky S

I am sensitive and patient. My focus as a tutor is to get to know the individual style of the student I am working with, as well as to focus on strengths and compensate for weaknesses.

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From$35/ hour


Chemical Engineer

Chemical Engineer student. Looking to teach math, chemistry, physics and chumash

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From$35/ hour


Devorah Frank

Hi! I am a tutor and teacher of all ages. I teach high school and preschool, and taught elementary school last year. I teach in a very relatable and clear way for children. I can teach any subject, from Kindergarten-12.  Looking forward to teaching you! ... View Full Profile

From$35/ hour

Benzion Noam

Medieval Jewish Historian

Are you looking for a ... View Full Profile

From$30/ hour


Chana Parnas

Worked with students on subjects such as Chumash, Kriah, and various other Judaic and general subjects. 

Reviewed materials assigned by the students' teachers and assisted the students in teachig them the skills in completing their homework alo... View Full Profile

From$25/ hour


Rabbi Yaakov Lasson


My name is Yaakov Lasson. I live with my wife and son in Southfield, Michigan where I serve as the Rabbi of a Senior Residence Facility. I attended Yeshiva University for six years, where I recieved Smicha, a Master's degree in Jewish Educat... View Full Profile

From$25/ hour